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Our customers come to us to seek the best way to display or exhibit their art, achievements or significant memories.
Whether it is framing, stretching or encasing, we pay attention to our customers’ tastes, environment and purpose before advising on the best options most suitable for them.Home / Office / In-Store Consultations are also made possible with advance appointments.Call us to make an appointment. We look forward to serving you.


Contemporary, antique, baroque, big, small, black and white, colourful, wooden, plastic, etc – the list goes on and on.
We keep as big a selection of frames in store as possible, especially in light of the fact that we aim to have a turn-around on each project of not more than 5 days, also we do make some frames at a shorter turn-around time to meet some of our customer’s urgent request.
Framing, however, is not just choosing a style of frame to suit ones taste, but finding a frame that one likes and at the same time compliments the piece being framed.This is where we believe we can really assist our customers by showing them what is available and what will work on their project so that they can make an informed decision.
*Do download our e-catalogues for a sample of range of frames always in stock.

Shadow Box

A shadow box is an excellent way to frame 3-dimensional pieces like antiques, miniature cars, teaspoons, trophies or sports jerseys.
It is a perfect solution when displaying an art piece in harsh conditions or where strong lighting from one direction, like at a window, would cause shadows to be cast over the piece.Over the years we have arranged and framed many articles in shadow boxes and it is something that we have become especially fond of doing because of the effects and amount of protection achieved At Barakkath Frame Makers, shadow boxes are custom built around the client’s treasure, thus optimizing the effect achieved by displaying and protecting it in this way.


Various considerations need to be taken into account when mounting an art piece, for instance, for what purpose and for how long will it be mounted?
For example, dry mounting is an excellent method for achieving perfectly flat results but it’s a permanent process which would make it more ideal for subjects such as posters.With 100 years of tradition in the business forming the pillar of expertise we are able to give our clients expert advice on all the options available and make an informed decision about which approach would be best suited for each project.


The value of stretching your artwork lies in the fact that your canvas is prevented from creasing excessively, thus protecting it. Once wrapped and fixed around a frame, it is also much easier to hang for display purposes.We use hard wood so that the frame doesn’t warp and end up ruining your piece.We abstain from gluing the piece to the wood so that it can be reframed at a later stage without damaging your canvas. Also take note that we are capable of stretching canvas onsite for extra-large sizes, ref our gallery for photos.

Glass & Mirror

The effects glass and mirrors, ordinary, tempered and coloured, can add towards enhancing your physical space, ambience, lightings and artworks is legendary.You will find specially mounted, framed or installed glass and mirror works from ancient churches to modern day galleries and studios. They have withstood times and contexts.At Barakkath, we have different types of glass and mirror related service for you to choose from.Bronze, grey, sand blasted, white sprayed, black sprayed or text & design inscribed.Get in touch with us to explore how we can use glass and mirrors for the effects you desire.